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Ear Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture therapy treats and prevents diseases by stimulating certain points on the auricle with needles.

Ear Acupuncture therapy has long been used in China, and is recorded in Chapter 24 of Miraculous Pivot that "Jue headache with the symptons of acute pain in the head, and hot sensations in the vessels in front of and behind the ear should be treated by bloodletting in order to reduce the heat, then to be followed by needling at the points of Foot Shaoyang Meridian." In the twentieth chapter of Miraculous Pivot it says, "When the pathogenic factor attacks the liver, it will cause pain in the ribs on both sides ... for the pain caused by internal blood stagnation ... needle at the blue vessels around the ear to relieve the dragging pain.".

When an internal organ or a part of the ody is diseased, reactions can be detected at the corresponding areas on the auricle. For example, a reaction can be detected at Point Stomach when the stomach is ill. Clinical practice has proven that stimulating these reaction points yields good therapeutic results.

Ear Acupuncture is used for prevention and treatment of disease, and also for acupuncture anesthesia.

Ear Acupuncture Examples

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